Five unusual jobs in healthcare



These unusual careers blend different disciplines to improve patient care.

1)    Art Therapist: Art Therapy stems from the worlds of psychotherapy and art. In this interdisciplinary therapeutic approach, patients create art and reflect on that process to address difficulties such as illness or trauma. 

2)    Medical Illustrator: Artists with extensive training in science and medicine, Medical Illustrators use traditional and digital techniques to visually illustrate medical and biological knowledge.   

3)    Traffic Psychologist: Traffic Psychologists study the relationship between psychological phenomena and the behavior of road users. Using theoretical psychology, Traffic Psychologists work to mitigate traffic congestion, prevent accidents and maximize road safety. 

4)    Travel Nurse: Travel Nurses travel to work in temporary nursing positions to address nurse staffing shortages. Travel Nurses work both domestically, around the United States, and internationally. 

5)    Snake Milker: Snake Milkers extract venom from poisonous snakes to create antivenom medications. These medications are used to treat people who have been bitten by poisonous snakes. 

Which career appeals to you most?

Photo Credit: Art Therapy

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