Foster Care Counts celebrates Mother’s Day 2013


Lybba was pleased to work with Foster Care Counts recently on the identity of their unique nonprofit. Founded by Jeanne Pritzker, Foster Care Counts is dedicated to co-creating vital programs with its partners to improve the lives of foster youth and their families.

One of the organization's marquee events is Foster Mother's Day, a celebration now in its fifth year. This Sunday, May 12, foster youth and families will be honored with a day filled with food, fun, relaxation and pampering at a private home in Topanga

All activities are made possible by a team of dedicated volunteers from Foster Care Counts and foster youth advocates, including cast members of ABC Family's new series, The Fostersabout a family of foster and biological children raised by two moms.

Foster Care Counts believes it's important to celebrate the parents, and grandparents, who are helping to raise foster youth. The event acknowledges the many contributions of youth, made possible through their resilience and the support of a caring community. 

"There are more than 35,000 foster youth in Los Angeles County," said founder Jeanne Pritzker, "many who seek loving families and many who have found them. Mother's Day seems like the perfect time to shine a light on foster families for the love, kindness and support they offer and to show our appreciation." 

A 'kids' area' will have carnival games, arts and crafts, magicians, balloon artists, face painting, a petting zoo and more. Guests will spend time in a special take-home-clothing boutique, while visitors to the spa will enjoy pampering with manicures, hairstyling and makeovers. Families can have portraits taken to preserve the memories of the special day. 

May is National Foster Care Month. To learn more about how you can support foster youth and families, visit Foster Care Counts.

Happy Mother's Day weekend!

  1. Megan Blanchard

    What a wonderful event! I hope everyone has a great Mother’s Day.


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