Mayo Clinic’s design mind: true innovation makes existing ideas viable


Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation (CFI) is offering a sea change in the way healthcare is experienced and delivered. The Center draws on a myriad of research techniques to understand patient needs and find design solutions to meet those needs. 

Maggie Breslin, CFI senior designer and researcher, believes strongly that innovation is less about new ideas and more about how we can make existing ideas viable. Along with a multidisciplinary collaborative of physicians, administrators, designers, and technologists, she works to manifest creative solutions so that people and patients can actually experience them.

A patient-centered approach allows the team to concentrate on human needs and to ensure healthcare is affordable, accessible, and valuable for every patient. Researchers can even speak with and observe patients and their families in an in-house lab to gauge feedback on potential solutions.

Breslin speaks with Jesse Dylan, founder of Lybba, about CFI and her efforts in making healthcare innovation a reality.

  1. Molly Cooper

    Well, that’s a concept: excellent health care delivery systems are out there, we just have to make them work through collaboration. In other words, we have to draw upon this basic area of being human: to organize and share, to collaborate and communicate. Designers are especially attuned to these areas of communication and collaboration, which, although that doesn’t make us more human, does suggest that we are a critical component to this endeavor. Bravo to the Mayo Clinic for dedicating resources to the area of health care delivery.


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