Precisely Watson: Paul Grundy introduces the doctor’s new assistant


Watson, the supercomputer that famously beat out two Jeopardy! champions in 2011, has the potential to drastically improve how primary care physicians diagnose and treat their patients on an individual and global level.

Paul Grundy, IBM’s global director of healthcare transformation, explains how Watson’s ability to process the medical research and literature of the world will open up the minds of doctors who need to have a broad base of knowledge in order to help their patients.

With the ability to structure vast amounts of medical information into a differential diagnosis, Grundy hopes that Watson will become “the assistant of the doctor” – an assistant that will offer solutions that the doctor might have overlooked. Watson catalogues and projects its interactions with the doctor, and this information becomes a part of a global network available to all physicians who work with Watson.

Filmmaker and Lybba founder Jesse Dylan interviews Grundy about Watson’s potential to transform primary care.


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