“Plant mint where you’re not supposed to”


We're pleased to report that our filmmaking partner Wondros just released an inspiring new short film called Renegade to celebrate this weekend's “Good Food Day LA”The film is one of a series Wondros has made in conjunction with The California Endowment's Teaching Gardens project, looking at issues of food justice and food systems in California. Teaching Gardens advocate Kelly Myer acknowledges "our gardens are growing, but more needs to be done to change the food system."

Ron Finley, a native of South Los Angeles, is the protagonist and a real hero. He has transformed a useless, scrubby parkway strip in South Los Angeles into a lush edible garden that helps feed his community—one day, he is offered seeds to plant; the next, a hungry family takes what they need to survive. 

According to Myer, after the garden was thriving, Finley received a citation from the City's Department of Public Works and was told to chop it down. Thanks to the help from many others working on expanding urban agriculture in Los Angeles, he fought back and eventually received special dispensation from the city. She states, "He and his friends haven't stopped there. They are pushing for a new ordinance to make it easier for urban gardeners to legally grow food on public parkways."

Like many working together on urban architecture in our city, Finley inspires us and reminds us how, with a little creativity of vision, and willingness to get our hands dirty, we can remake spaces defined by asphalt and dead grass into productive places of beauty. The Wondros crew says it's one of their favorite films yet. We agree. Please share it with your friends to celebrate Good Food.


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