STEAM Carnival debuts in downtown Los Angeles


Over the weekend, Two Bit Circus debuted the STEAM Carnival, an event where every carnival game teaches kids about science. Wondros family member Melissa Painter attended with her son and took the photo above. For more photos of the event, visit Wondros's Pinterest board, and if you'd like to support more STEAM Carnivals, make a donation to Two Bit Circus's Kickstarter campaign, beginning today. 

  1. Molly Cooper

    This is just the kind of event we need to explode outwards to excite all students about learning science. Or better yet, to learn "how it all works", without using the s-word. Show the cool things, and then have students work backwards to figure out how to make them, while incidentally learning tons of material along the way as a side effect. Carnival + Circus + Fair = Science…. you don't see that every day.