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Last week, we posted a recap of our first Lybba Gather event, “The Art & Science of Noticing.” Once again, we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who came together to support Lybba’s mission and engage in an inspiring conversation about improving our healthcare system. Please enjoy the slideshow above, and be sure to sign up for our newsletter at the top right of this page to be the first to know about our next Gather event.

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The Art & Science of Noticing: Lybba hosts its first Gather event


Photo by Al Kamalizad.

Lybba’s first dinner and conversation experience, held last night in Los Angeles, inspired an evening of insightful and delightful community for 50 cultural influencers who have a steadfast interest in chronic healthcare. The event was part of an ongoing series called Gather.

Featured speakers, Lybba Founder Jesse Dylan and Dr. Peter Margolis of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, in a conversation moderated by Lybba Executive Director David Fore, illuminated transformations in care for pediatric Crohn’s and colitis, as well as for chronic care as an entire system of thought. Discussions centered on the challenges faced by those connecting clinicians, researchers, and patients in a shared system of care, and the potential for expansion of chronic care networks.

The journey of a thousand miles, so goes the proverb, begins with a single step. Those of us involved in transformative-systems work know that one of the first steps to enacting a paradigm shift is to ask individuals to do a simple thing on a large scale: to notice. Our first event was thus entitled The Art & Science of Noticing

Guests were treated to artisanal cocktails; films were screened throughout the evening; giveaways included Lybbaverse magazine, a special edition curated to the theme of the event, and origami lotuses created by Arnold Tubis, lifelong origami artist, physicist, and author of books on paper folding. 

Our hope for Gather is that guests will experience a paradigm shift in awareness about their own health and the system of standard chronic care in the United States.