The Lybbaverse / health-design-challenge  

Lybba HealthCentral: active patients = better outcomes = healthier lives



Everyone needs to access, organize, understand, and share their health information in ways that help them become more active participants in their own care. In order to address these issues, the Office of the National Coordinator and the Veterans Administration devised a contest on, and invited people to rethink how the medical record is presented.

Lybba's response to the challenge is HealthCentral, a new design for an IT-enabled care-management system that connects patients with their doctors. Once digital health data is downloaded, patients can access, maintain, and make meaningful use of that information to keep themselves healthy.

We have sometimes been accused of being over-achievers. Maybe the charge sticks. In this case, the contest only called for better data visualization. We thought we'd do that *and* go one step further. HealthCentral is not simply improved data visualization. It’s not just a repository of health information. It’s an engaging, interactive, behavior-oriented website that makes patients’ information legible as well as actionable—providing patients and their families with opportunities and encouragement to achieve health goals.

We intend to finish this design, build it, and make a positive difference in peoples' lives. Special shout out to the lead Lybba designers on the project, Leslie Marticke and Kelli Auerbach. Good luck! We're crossing our fingers!