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We’ve been shortlisted for an Information Is Beautiful Award


We're delighted to announce that Lybba's design for an Interactive Tax Tool  for ONE has been shortlisted for an Informational Is Beautiful Award in the category of interactive visualization. Vote for us here.

"Information visualization is hot," according to Information Is Beautiful. (No doubt.) So they decided to create the first global awards to celebrate the form and the field. The call went out for an "amazing visualization, killer infographic or vorsprung interactive," and we answered it in hopes of winning "a mega-cash prize and a place in the dataviz hall of fame."

The interactive tool we designed shows where individual tax dollars go, in eight categories – national defense, social security, health, unemployment, Medicare, interest on U.S. debt, foreign assistance, and other. According to ONE, it successfully "reveals how only a small fraction of the U.S. budget has already drastically improved the lives of the poorest people on the planet." Read more here.

A selection of entries were shortlisted for each of six categories: data visualization, infographic/information design, interactive visualization, data journalism, motion infographic, and dataviz tool or website. From those, the top three will win awards. In sum, $30,000 will be bestowed upon the final winners to be announced at the Awards event on September 27 in London.

Those who will determine our fate are the distinguished judges Brian Eno; Paola Antonelli, senior curator of the Museum of Modern Art; Simon Rogers, editor at the Guardian; Maria Popova, cultural curator, writer, and blogger; Aziz Kami, Kantar creative director; David McCandliss, author, journalist, and information designer; and the "infoviz community". Wish us luck.